The Howland Knife

The Howland Knife

Surrounded by an endless sapphire sea, Howland Island lends its name to our latest creation; the Howland Knife. A tribute to the timeless jackknife that accompanied Amelia Earhart on the most enigmatic flight attempt witnessed in History, the Howland Knife was designed to be the one tool that you can rely on when you dare to go where nobody else does.

Versatility and elegance embodied in every component. Machined from durable, dull-resistant carbon steel, the double, sharp, sturdy blades stand hard use. The two blade sizes, and the possibilities unlocked, provide precision and high performance to both daily tasks and overseas adventures.

The time-tested bone handle fascinates with its beauty and massages your grip. Adorned to knife handles both in Eastern and Western cultures, the bone of the Howland Knife is extracted from sustainable sources. The brass D-ring is just as useful now as it was when it was first introduced, over one hundred years ago. Plastic is not an option here.

Limitless applicabilities, captivating mystery. The Howland Knife is a compact, foldable, easy-to-manage pocket knife. The uninhabited Howland Island calls out to adventurers worldwide to be explored. A virgin land just waiting to be deciphered. 

Designed in homage to Amelia Earhart’s manifested pocket knife,the Howland Knife pays tribute to aviation pioneers whose boldness and sense of freedom inspire us to this day.  What was the [potential] surviving tool of aviators of yesteryear, now is the one instrument needed on your journey as a modern-life adventurer.

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